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EU 2019/1937  from 17 December 2021 , all organizations employing 250 people must provide a secure, secure channel for employees to report detected abuse.

Applicants must be assured that they will not suffer any retaliation or disadvantage as a result of the report. 

Organizations should also ensure that reports are investigated, recorded and documented impartially. The result of the investigation shall be notified to the notifier in such a way as to ensure adequate protection for the organization. 

The solution is anonymization software that provides real protection for whistleblowers with a simple email address.  

The Risk


Under the regulation, if an organization does not use a reporting channel or does not respond to a reported incident within the time specified in the regulation, the notifier becomes entitled to disclose the detected problem to the public. 

In the 21st century, the power of facebook communities in the media can cause serious economic damage to an organization. The erosion of leadership within an organization also carries a very serious economic risk. 
During the implementation of the EU regulation in Hungary, the EU obliges the legislator to provide adequate legal guarantees (punishment) against those who do not comply with the regulation.  

The solution  


Prepare to meet your obligations easily. Choose the Cloud Complex Reporting System , which includes all elements of the “EU Abuse Reporting” obligation. 
Paper or email-based solutions do not fully meet the requirements of the regulation. The cloud-based software solution provided by Gill & Murry provides complete protection and even anonymity for reporters. It provides a customizable, fast and convenient fit for your organization.

It is not worthwhile to start internal development for software where security, anonymity is one of the most important elements of the project, because it generates a number of extra costs during the project that developers do not usually think about when designing. Choose a ready-to-use entry from a testimony expert. 

The software


The software provided by Gill & Murry was implemented on a different platform during the design process, which is also used by Banks and insurers . The system provides a simple interface and maximum security for both notifiers and users investigating. 

The solution can be easily implemented for the organization by placing a link. It can be personalized for higher trust so that the applicant feels more secure when they come across the company logo and even their image. The investigation can be delegated to different resolution groups on each channel used, thus ensuring the full independence of the investigation . The investigation of reports can be outsourced under the regulation, which is fully supported by the software. 

How to buy

All you have to do is click on the link below the selected licensed version to specify your organization, the number of users selected, and the number of modules you want to use (i.e. the number of channels). See the FAQ for descriptions for accurate interpretation.


After settling the account, you can access the system. In the Admin interface, you will find a link for each channel, which, when placed on the organisation's website or intranet, will make the secure, even anonymous (anonymous) abuse reporting system already active.


It is a good idea to upload the organization's logo under the settings menu item before activation, so that the notification system works more efficiently, increasing the trust of users.


You can purchase the software in the form of a monthly license, but we offer a larger discount if you take a one-year loyalty period.

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