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About us

Software solutions 
from an information security company

​A Gill & Murry  Information security and data protection are significant players in the Hungarian security market during the audit of ISO certifications and the preparation of management systems.  


Based on our decades of experience in system and process management, we provide our users with a solution that we know is sure to support our partners at the right level in meeting the requirements of the EU. 

Using our experience in information security consulting and software development auditing, we have developed and supported the current system.


We have taken into account that solving a problem requires not only the right tool, but also the right processes and controls to provide an effective solution to an organization.  


In our team, engineers, educators, legal experts and software developers work together to solve problems halved by our partners. So it's not just a rule 

Over time, we have come to know the various business activities from the government sector, through the food industry, stationery, construction, computer technology and many more.  from an external perspective, using this experience, we have now developed our solutions for our customers. 

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