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For resellers

Become a reseller of our notification management system and have double the benefits of sales!

Let's show you how!

Judge's Gavel on Books

For lawyers

Provide abuse management services to your partners. The GnM Channel product has been developed to allow the Organization to engage an external consultant for any report. In cases where you are a reseller of the product, your company will automatically appear as the contact person. From this moment on, your normal 

provide its own services to its Customers within the framework of its services (price and deadline).


Don't miss the opportunity. You can even charge a flat fee for availability or provide an ad hoc order for your customers to investigate reports of abuse, for example.


Of course, for every term sold, we pay a trade commission on the sale. The service must be renewed annually, so you can expect regular income from the sale of the product and related services in the long run. 

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For system integrators
For IT professionals

Provide another cloud service for your partners. The XXI. We also use old slogans from the shoe store in their purchases. The anonymous design of the abuse reporting channel is nothing more than using a piece of software. the software can be sold to all partners with 250 employees because they are required to create a secure channel. They trust you and are happy to buy and implement a software solution. 

The license, which must be renewed annually, can be expected to generate regular revenue from the sale of the product in the long run. 

The product can be obtained from HRP Europe Kft at our wholesale partner at a wholesale price. 

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Business Consultation

For consultants

Do you deal with business development, organization development, process optimization or GDPR consulting? Reporting abuse is a mandatory task for any organization that employs 250 people. Every company needs to have a business process that doesn’t exist before and a tool to handle reports securely and ensure the identity of whistleblowers. The organizations involved need to process personal data in the established or redesigned business process, even in the case of an anonymous report, the person for whom the report is made will process the data for a purpose that has not been processed so far. 

Be the one to solve the problem of introducing an abuse management channel to your partners and earn money by managing processes and / or data management issues. 

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