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It implements the technical and / or organizational implementation of the development of a notification facility for employees, customers and other interested parties in accordance with the various Hungarian or European Union legal requirements for our products and services.  for our customers. We have put together a solution package, the technical implementation of which fully covers the functional, security and information security requirements expected from the notification channels, and we provide different service packages for their customers in the handling of notifications.

Abuse reporting system



From 17 December 2021, organizations employing 250 people will be required to operate an abuse reporting channel. The Abuse Reporting System is a module of the Gill & Murry Complex Reporting System.


The organization itself can purchase this module and we provide the option to purchase additional modules at a later date. The system is prepared to handle the categories defined in EU Regulation 2019/1937. With several licensing options, we have prepared the system to create a unique reporting channel for groups of companies or individual brands. We can provide access to efficient use for the administrator user who handles the notification according to the customer's needs.

Complex reporting system



We have created a reporting system that can handle the Abuse Report, Privacy and Information Security Incident or Suspicion, Customer Complaint, or even a vulnerability found in good faith as expected by NIST. 

It is also easier for notifiers and notifiers to use and learn an interface to make notifications on different subjects. 

A further facilitation is that the system is much easier to implement and integrate into an organization’s website and processes because of the same way security features are handled with the notifications. 

Customize policies



It is in the self-interest of the organization setting up the notification channel to develop a workflow that meets the requirements of the Regulation to handle notifications. Our service helps with this. 
The subscription includes a basic and generally usable reporting policy, but each organization deserves to customize the workflow and related documents to suit local conditions and resources. 

Report investigation service



When the notification is received by the organization, the organization faces different challenges depending on the category. The need to ensure impartiality and an investigative audit routine is reflected in the abuse report, while in information security and privacy cases, official reporting within a tight timeframe and response can be a challenge for the organization. 
As an external contractor in the framework of an occasional or flat-rate service, we investigate the application completely impartially and, if necessary, we also make the official notification.

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