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Abuse reporting system

With anonymous reporting option

Who do we recommend it to?

For all organizations with more than 50 employees who have difficulties in developing and operating a secure (encrypted) anonymous abuse reporting system in their IT infrastructure


  • A ready-to-use system does not require its own development

  • It is a cloud-based solution, so it does not require its own infrastructure

  • User-friendly interface helps with quick introduction.

  • It is encrypted according to industry standards, so you don't have to worry about security

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Legal Environment

EU regulation

Under EU Directive 2019/1937, every organization that employs 50 people must provide a secure, secure channel for employees, customers and relevant partners to report detected abuse.

Applicants must be assured that they will not suffer any retaliation or disadvantage as a result of the report. 

The regulation is available at: EU 2019/1937  


Hungarian regulations

We are still waiting for the Hungarian legal regulations, as soon as the Gill & murry system appears, it will ensure the local legal compliance. 

Expectations against the communication channel: 

The channel must ensure that the identity of the applicant remains confidential during and after the investigation of the application. The simplest and safest way to do this is to not provide any identifying information to the notifier during the application. 

Expectations against the communication channel: 

In the course of the investigation, the organization must ensure that the investigation is impartial and that no retaliation occurs as a result of the notification. 


The European Union regulations set the deadline for implementation in two stages 

I.  Pace: Until December 17, 2021, organizations with more than 249 employees

II. Pace: 2023.  until 17 December  Organizations with more than 50 employees

Software features

Select categories

Anonymous reporting

Follow - up of notifications

Handling of evidence



In the system, we have defined categories in accordance with the EU regulations, which allows the notifier to more easily identify the detected abuse. 

Anonymous (anonymous) reporting allows an organization to get a true picture of the abuse that occurs in the organization. It ensures that applicants are safe and that retaliation does not affect them or their environment (colleagues, family, etc.) as a result of the report. 

The system ensures secure communication and mandatory response to the report even in the case of anonymous reporting. 

You can use the system functions to record the result of the examination. Follows the investigation process by arranging the notifications into the appropriate statuses (new notification, Under investigation, waiting for a response, Answered, Closed)

During the notification, the system is able to handle and store the captured photos and documents with adequate security and to control access in an appropriate manner.

The system is designed with a high security solution. All communications are encrypted. During software development, we comply with the requirements of the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard.

The system sends an email alert to the user administrators who handle the notifications. It sends an alert for the deadlines set in the regulation.

Content of the subscription

User licenses

The number of users and channels corresponding to the license type selected from the table in the Prices menu is allowed to be used by the licensee.

A user is any user who can manage reports in the admin interface.
Applicants do not need to purchase a license, ie they can handle an unlimited number of applications in the system.

The system generates a separate unique link for each notification channel if you want to handle notifications separately from several locations (another legal entity in a group of companies). Each unique line that points to the same Admin response is considered a separate channel. 

A separate workflow can be set for each channel - and the report can be signed for a different solution group. 

Workflow documentation

The one-year license includes documentation for the notification management workflow. The documentation is a model regulation that describes a workflow that meets the requirements of the EU regulation, the GDPR, and the relevant Hungarian regulations, but personalization may be required due to differences in the structure of the organizations. 


The license holder can use email and telephone support in Hungarian on working days from 9 am to 5 pm.

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